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June 15th 2019: James Belushi (65th birthday)

June 19th 2019: Kathleen Turner (65th birthday)

June 22nd 2019: Meryl Streep (70th birthday)


July 1th 2019: Sydney Pollack (85th birthday)

July 4th 2019: Eva-Marie Saint (95th birthday)

July 7th 2019: Shelley Duvall (70th birthday)

July 14th 2019: Lino Ventura † (100th birthday)

July 15th 2019: Peter van Eyck (died 50 years ago)

July 26th 2019: Kevin Spacey (60th birthday)

July 30th 2019: Peter Bogdanovich (80th birthday)

July 31st 2019: Geraldine Chaplin (75th birthday)


August 9th 2019: Sharon Tate (died 50 years ago)

August 9th 2019: Bulle Ogier (80th birthday)

August 23th 2019: Vera Miles (90th birthday)

August 31st 2019: Richard Gere (70th birthday)


September 13th 2019: Jacqueline Bisset (75th birthday)

September 20th 2019: Sophia Loren (85th birthday)

September 25th 2019: Michael Douglas (75th birthday)

September 25th 2019: Jean Sorel (85th birthday)

September 28th 2019: Brigitte Bardot (85th birthday)


October 5th 2019: Donald Pleasence † (100th birthday)

October 8th 2019: Sigourney Weaver (70th birthday)

October 11th 2019: Liselotte Pulver (90th birthday)

October 28th 2019: Bernhard Wicki † (100th birthday)


November 17th 2019: Danny DeVito (75th birthday)

November 26th 2019: Tina Turner (80. Geburtstag)


December 21st 2019: Ove Sprogoe † (100th birthday)

December 22nd 2019: Josef von Sternberg (died 50 years ago)

December 25th 2019: Sissy Spacek (70th birthday)

December 28th 2019: Maggie Smith (85th birthday)



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