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December 25th 2018: Hanna Schygulla (75th birthday)

December 27th 2018: Gérard Depardieu (70th birthday)

December 29th 2018: Jon Voight (80th birthday)


January 1st 2019: Michèle Mercier (80th birthday)

January 23rd 2019: Rutger Hauer (75th birthday)


February 2nd 2019: Boris Karloff (died 50 years ago)

February 11th 2019: Jennifer Aniston (50th birthday)

February 13th 2019: George Segal (85th birthday)

February 18th 2019: John Travolta (65th birthday)

February 18th 2019: Jack Palance † (100th birthday)


March 2nd 2019: Uschi Glas (75th birthday)

March 2nd 2019: Jennifer Jones † (100th birthday)

March 5th 2019: Samantha Eggar (80th birthday)

March 16th 2019: Nadja Tiller (90th birthday)

March 29th 2019: Terence Hill (80th birthday)


April 1st 2019: Ali MacGraw (80th birthday)

April 7th 2019: Francis Ford Coppola (80th birthday)

April 10th 2019: Max von Sydow (90th birthday)

April 15th 2019: Emma Thompson (60th birthday)

April 24th 2019: Shirley MacLaine (85th birthday)


May 3rd 2019: Renate Blume (75. birthday)

May 5th 2019: Jean-Pierre Leaud (75th birthday)

May 7th 2019: Eva Peron † (100th birthday)

May 8th 2019: Lex Barker † (100th birthday)

May 14th 2019: George Lucas (75th birthday)

May 14th 2019: Cate Blanchett (50th birthday)

May 26th 2019: Pam Grier (70th birthday)

May 29th 2019: Helmut Berger (75th birthday)


June 15th 2019: James Belushi (65th birthday)

June 19th 2019: Kathleen Turner (65th birthday)

June 22nd 2019: Meryl Streep (70th birthday)



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